GRAPHIC DESIGN, PRINT AND VIDEO EDITING, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Kristine has been a graphic designer and editor since 1980. She holds degrees in Communication & the Arts, Communication Processes and Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing. Her experience includes magazine editing, fundraising writing, advertising, graphic design, print journalism and digital editing. Her ongoing work in both metro and small town marketplaces has kept her up to date with design trends and technology and in touch with the needs of small businesses.  
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VIDEO PRODUCTION, VIDEO EDITING, PHOTOGRAPHY, MARKETING CONSULTATION My experience and education includes commercial video, radio, print advertising, marketing, fundraising, psychology, public speaking, writing and theater. I specialize in advertising consulting, video directing, shooting and editing, scriptwriting, voice-overs, advertising photography and advertising copy writing. I hold a bachelors degree in Psychology and a masters degree in Education.  
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Kristine and I have lived and worked in such varied places as Missouri, Chicago, Maui and Minnesota, and we currently reside in Rockford, Iowa. We have worked as a team with hundreds of businesses for more than 30 years.
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