TARGET YOUR AUDIENCE WITH LOCAL AND REGIONAL PRE-MOVIE THEATER ADVERTISING We offer on-screen advertising at seven theaters in Northeast Iowa. and one in South Padre Island, Texas. Choose from 15-second ads that show four times in a 24-minute loop before the nightly movie or 30-second ads that show twice. Photography, voice-over, music bed and computer-generated text is included. Video services are also available at affordable rates. Contact us for more information. Currently we are providing on-screen advertising at theaters in the Iowa cities of Cresco, Charles City, Clear Lake, Forest City, Garner, Lake Mills, and Osage and in South Padre Island, Texas. To see some of the ads currently running, click on the links at the right for our YouTube channels.
Click thumbnails to watch current pre-movie ads on YouTube.  Click the Back arrow on your browser to return to this website.
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