$600 to $1,100 Videos at this level of production are under three minutes with shooting time under three hours. They include internet promotional pieces, regional television and cable ads, short instructional videos and pre-movie ads. Locations are limited, lighting can be accomplished with natural light or a small light kit and text animations are limited. Many of these ads are just 15- to 30-seconds but make a big impact in a short amount of time.
$2500 to $12,000 Videos at this level can be up to 20 minutes in length with two six-hour days of shooting. Raw footage can be up to six hours. They include multi-piece television campaigns and documentary style promotional pieces requring numerous locations and shots. Special equipment such as jibs, dollies and green screens may be used for special effects and cinema feel. Lighting and audio design are employed. Special animations and effects are included as well as studio voice-over work. For larger projects, we are available for consultation.
$1,100 to $2500 Videos at this level are usually three to six minutes in length with up to six hours of shooting time and about three hours of raw footage. They include DVD leave-behinds, internet promotional pieces, regional television and cable ads, instructional pieces and mini-documentaries. If you want two cameras, face- to-face consultation, special audio and/or lighting design or in-studio voice-overs, then this will probably be your price range.
Whether you need a short video for your website or a cinema quality documentary, we have a package to meet your needs. Choose the level that best suits your shooting and production time and equipment needs. Packages are customized for your project, but in general we offer three levels of production as shown below. These are older videos, but they give you an idea of the production value for each level. To see our newer videos, please return to the Home page.
5-Video Series of TV Ads for Clear Lake Bank
Valley View Nursing Home Promotional DVD
Preston, MN, Chamber of Commerce Internet Ad
Lanesboro, MN, Chamber of Commerce Internet Ad
Austin’s Angora Goats & Mohair Internet Video
Scandinavian Inn Internet Video
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Breadeaux Pizza
Cedar Valley Resort
The Long Run (Part 2) - 20-minute Documentary on ultra-marathon winner Kim Martin
Nordic Lanes
Stonemill Hotel & Suites
Holiday Watersports
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